aka LJ Osborne

I also go by just Null online. I make stuff, and here's the place where I showcase the stuff I make. I like to think of it as my "virtual studio/gallery" of sorts.

Thoughts? Questions? Secrets? Feel free to contact me at tombofnull[at]gmail[dot]com

Notice: While much of my work would be fit for a general audience,
I create with adult viewers in mind,
thus some work in my galleries are reflective of that. These works will have a content warning and are blurred by default. Proceed mindfully. For more information, see the content information page.

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About That Creature

1000+ words about the little demon that lurks my logo and socials, and their history...

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July in Review

It's inching closer to a month since I started this rebuild, but it's been a bit longer since...

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